Scholarship Scheme

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Scholarship Scheme

Faisalabad College of Law is Committed to provide the optimum opportunities to the students of law. The college offecholarship in the following categories.

  • Barrister Jinnah Scholarship
  • Baba Fareed Scholarship
  • Fatimah Jinnah Scholarship
  • Hafiz-i-Quran Scholarship
  • Kinship Scholarship

Note: 1st Division’s 50% of the Tuition Fee, Female Candidate 50% of the Tuition Fee, Lawyer’s son 25% of the Tuition Fee. Hafizay Quran 25% off the Tuition Fee. Extraordinary Sports Man / Debater / Naat Khaan / Qari 20% Off the Tuition Fee. Deserving Student (From Zakat Funds) as recommended by the committee.


The above scholarship for the 1st year only. The scholarship may continue result performance and more then 75% attendance in the class.

1, Students must provide requisite documents for eligibility

2, Students must have 75% attendance for continuation of Scholarship

3, Award of scholarship is subject to interview by the Panel.